Mavic is launching the New Comète Ultimate Road Shoes with 1000 Euro price tag

Mavic is launching the New Comète Ultimate Road Shoes with 1000 Euro price tag
Mavic (France) – A racing shoe with the best power transfer and closest connection with the bike ever seen in cycling footwear.

Full-on power:
The Energy Shell Carbon offers 360° power transfer and transmits all the energy delivered by the racer to the bike - a game changer in cycling shoe construction.

Bio-position is optimized with a very low stack height (4.5mm), delivering an incredible connection with the machine.

Carbon material produces the same stiffness and performance from the first kilometer to the last.

Performance-oriented fit:
Two Mavic Ergo Dials provide two-way micro adjustment for optimal fit and support.

The Smart Release function added to the Mavic Ergo Dial makes the shoe easy and quick to open.

Soft intern fabric on strategic parts of the foot delivers an adaptable fit on the top of the shoe.

All-weather performance:
This unique construction offers complete weather versatility thanks to the removable bootie and two bootie options: Rain Ride and Hot Ride to suit different conditions.

Mavic spent the last three years looking for the holy grail in cycling footwear: a shoe that can transmit consistent power from rider to pedal on all 360° of the pedal rotation. And they have found it.

Mavic new Energy Carbon Shell is revolutionary in every sense of the word. The groundbreaking full carbon frame delivers consistent power from the first km to the last, created with an incredibly low stack height that leaves your ankles free to move fully.

This unique construction can make all the difference in sprints to the finish line – giving you that extra split second. It also gives the shoe versatility for all weather types, as you can swap between the rain bootie and the hot ride bootie depending on conditions.

It’s micro adjustable thanks to two Mavic Ergo dials, so you can find your fit to the closest mm. Soft internal fabric gives you an adaptable fit on the top of the shoe. While a smart release function makes the shoe quick and easy to get off – once you’re done leaving everyone in the dust.

Available at select dealers mid-April.

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