New Brand Vvolt e–Mobility Launches With Mission to Improve Transportation, Showcases Future Vehicles and Debuts Electric Bike Line

New Brand Vvolt e–Mobility Launches With Mission to Improve Transportation, Showcases Future Vehicles and Debuts Electric Bike Line

Vvolt e–Mobility (United States) - Press Release: New brand Vvolt e–Mobility is launching to empower personal mobility and create a more sustainable future in which light Electric Vehicles play a wider role. Vvolt is designing and building personal EVs that provide greater ease-of-use, durability and safety; while working to assist the e–mobility and transportation policy communities to progress the visibility and acceptance of this fast-growing mode of transportation.

The Streets of Our Future are Better with Small EVs:

To create a greener future, we all need better vehicle options. Electric bikes and other small EVs present great promise, but existing e–mobility products often suffer from poor industrial design, over-complication, or luxury pricing. Vvolt is changing this by placing EVs with clean design and user-friendliness within reach of more people. The brand is launching their first line of rider-friendly electric bikes (see image 2 with the four first models) while developing new eBikes and other vehicles that incorporate new levels of modularity, stability, and usability.

Vvolt Elevates Durability, User-Friendliness and Safety:

Vvolt’s first products are a range of ebikes incorporating a suite of rider-friendly technologies at lower price points than existing offerings on the market. Zero-maintenance belt drive and enclosed transmissions meet self-lubricating motors and hydraulic disc brakes to make a ride experience that’s easier now– and for many miles down the road. Choosing to ride an ebike shouldn’t require advanced skills in drivetrain maintenance or booking quarterly checkups with your favorite bike maintenance technician, so Vvolt models reduce downtime with these low-maintenance components.

When it comes to the ride experience, riders will find on-bike positions that enable control, provide comfort and allow for better visibility. These positional safety measures are reinforced with 360º visibility features, incorporating active lighting and oversized retro-reflective elements, ensuring that riders are seen 24hrs a day. These core design elements will carry through to other products currently in development. Upcoming EV models include an all-new eBike with enhanced accessibility and modularity features, a three-wheeled electric-assist utility vehicle, and a truly compact last-mile vehicle based on scooter and skateboard designs.

“Bike V” launches in 2022, featuring:

  • Bright 360º Active LED Lighting
  • Front and rear cargo modules plug into  custom interfaces, feature lighting power by USB ports
  • 20” Front wheel allows for lower center of gravity when carrying cargo
  • Optional seat tube battery for expanded range
  • Onboard AC inverter powers devices using battery

“The Beluga”:

“The Beluga” Compact Electric Utility Vehicle (CEUV) concept is a multipurpose pedal-assist trike built for 1 rider and up to 3 passengers, or a car-trunk’s worth of party supplies and/or groceries in the front utility compartment.

Vvolt is Building Community Too:

When more than 30% of US trips are less than 3 miles, it makes sense to shift to a faster mode of door-to-door travel, but fighting entrenched autocentrism takes more than better design. Vvolt recognizes that their vehicles are only one piece of the future they’re building, so they’re engaging with mobility advocates to pursue better infrastructure and support incentives designed to make it easier for more people to opt out of driving.

It’s important for Vvolt to build a wider case to support changing public infrastructure in ways that will invite new riders to experience the benefits of getting out of their autos and onto smaller rideable vehicles.Vvolt is committed to datasharing practices, working with researchers, industry and government partners who are similarly committed to building a future where human-scale transportation options are more accessible to everyone.

With an emphasis on building communities of riders and encouraging e–Mobility friendly infrastructure, Vvolt is complimenting their people-oriented product designs with work that will help ensure that all people will be encouraged to select transportation on a human scale.

Vvolt e–Mobility’s range of ebikes is now available to reserve at, with initial deliveries beginning August 15.

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