Pinion Expands Commercial Segment and Introduces Transmissions for Business Cargo Vehicles

Pinion Expands Commercial Segment and Introduces Transmissions for Business Cargo Vehicles

Pinion (Germany) - As a manufacturer of high-quality bicycle gear shifting systems based on proven automotive technology, Pinion has been a reliable industry partner for 10 years. For 2021, the gearbox specialists are presenting a product line that has been developed specifically for use in commercial and industrial cargo bikes. With the introduction of the new “T-Line” Pinion is committed to ensuring that cargo bikes become established as the reliable and environmentally friendly choice for "last mile" delivery of small parcel shipments.

Proven automotive technology for bicycles:

The fact that the two Pinion founders Michael Schmitz and Christoph Lermen have their roots in the automotive sector is evident throughout the Pinion lineup. Pinion is well positioned to bring products into commercial cargo bike sector, as the component requirements for these vehicles match the characteristics that Pinion gearboxes have embodied since their inception: Wear-free, durable, robust, and low-maintenance.

Pinion has taken their proven gearbox technology and adapted it to fit the requirements of logistics companies and fleet operators. The components used on these vehicles, just like frames themselves, must be designed and built to withstand the increased stresses and duty cycles of commercial use. Safety, ergonomics, reliability, and cost control each contribute to a successful implementation.

"Commercial-use cargo bikes can no longer be considered ‘bicycles’. The heavy loads and extreme duty cycles make commercial and heavy-duty cargo bikes a vehicle more in line with automobiles." - Dirk Stölting, Head of Marketing & Design Pinion GmbH.

Pinion presents business cargo solutions:


Catering to the needs of commercial and industrial customers, Pinion has created the PINION INDUSTRIAL segment and is introducing the durable T-LINE gearbox series for heavy-duty cargo bikes. Pinion T-LINE gearboxes are the only bicycle transmissions on the market available with an optional neutral gear which allows reverse movement of vehicle without backwards rotation of the crank arms. In addition to the unique gearbox line, Pinion also offers accessories, service plans and policies for commercial customers and fleet operators.


  • T-LINE gearboxes are high-load rated, up to 250 Nm of input torque
  • Neutral gear option allows safe reverse maneuvering of heavy cargo vehicles
  • Special service plans to support commercial operations
  • Long service life and extended service intervals
  • Full cost control with minimal TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Pinion T-LINE gearboxes can be used as a direct or an intermediate transmission in two-, three-, and four-wheel cargo vehicle designs. Thanks to these options, manufacturers retain maximum flexibility in their development and design phases. The gearbox can be combined with various electric motors and is designed for continuous operation with loads up to 250 Nm of input torque. T-LINE gearboxes are economically efficient with long lifespans, minimal maintenance, extended service intervals.

Thomas Raith, Managing Director Pinion GmbH explains: "With the launch of the T-LINIE, we are building on our expertise in the development of vehicle transmissions and offering heavy-duty Pinion gearboxes for commercial and industrial cargo bike use within our INDUSTRIAL segment - reliable, low-wear and cost-effective with a low TCO!"

Over the last year, Pinion has worked with major manufacturers to pilot T-Line gearboxes in heavy-duty cargo bike applications. The feedback from this real-world testing has been universally positive:

"The reliability of our vehicles is paramount. Our pilot-vehicles have already delivered over 60 000 kg of payload to their destination on time. The drivetrain with Pinion gearbox technology has been running for over 10 000 km without any problems. We count on Pinion gearboxes in our series. Pinion delivers peace of mind!” - Björn Fischer, Board Member at tricargo eG.

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