PNW Components Introduces the Next Gen Range Handlebar and Stem

PNW Components Introduces the Next Gen Range Handlebar and Stem

PNW Components (United States) - Press Release: More choices. Less weight. Same great wrist and back-saving geos. Check out the all-new Range Handlebar Gen 3.

Everyone loves corndogs... right?

Wrong! In a hotly contested debate, we learned that corn dogs aren’t for all of us. Which naturally brings us to the 31.8mm vs 35mm diameter dispute. We held off on making a 35mm bar until we could turn one out that we wanted to ride ourselves. Enter the Range Handlebar Gen 3. Through a combo of 2014 aluminum and smart butting profiles, we made sure this larger diameter bar is an absolute dream to pilot. Still a fan of tradition? Not to worry, the 31.8mm option is still available.

Speaking of geometry...

We kept the best parts of our Range Handlebar and baked ‘em into this new one. The tall rise and relaxed upsweep + back sweep are the essential ingredients to making all of your future singletrack sessions purely zen. The Gen 3 bars still feature a 10 degree back sweep and 5 degree upsweep, putting your arms and shoulders in a more relaxed position. And a 30mm rise in the bar means you won’t be hunched over like those creepy scoliosis tests they used to give in gym class.

Bigger & lighter?

But how? Science? Physics? Geometry? Engineers are crafty. By widening the width of the bar from 780 to 800, we’re able to extend those butting profiles and remove unnecessary material, reducing the weight of the previous Range Handlebar by as much as 25 grams.

Every bar has its stem:

We upgraded the Range Stem to go along with the handlebar. Of course, like every bike product release since the history of time, this stem is lighter than its predecessor. Featuring a fully CNC'd body across multiple diameters and lengths.

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