Praxis Works New Lightweight Carbon eCrank sets have arrived

Praxis Works New Lightweight Carbon eCrank sets have arrived

Praxis Works (United States) - Press Release: Performance e-Cranks.

With e-bike use around the globe booming, we recognized a huge need for high-end lightweight carbon e-crank arms. With the wide variety of motors out there, we also knew that we’d need an assortment of crank designs to fit all the different bikes. So, with the goal to bring Praxis high-performance to the world of e-bikes, we’ve launched a full line of carbon e-cranks for many of the industry’s most well known motors.

One of the biggest names in the business. Our carbon e-cranks for Bosch motors work on their ISIS splined “Performance Line” of e-motors. The arms are smartly shaped specifically for more efficient pedaling plus optimum clearance. Perfect for any Bosch equipped e-bike whether for urban, trekking, or mountain.

Working closely with Specialized, we’ve created e-crank arms for many of their e-bikes. These specific cranks install on their Levo, Kenevo, Vado and Como e-bikes. Simply pull off the stock aluminum crankarms and bolt on these carbon cranks for a lighter, higher performance setup on your Specialized e-bike.

With a Brose motor on your e-bike, adding some performance carbon arms only makes sense. Crafted exactly for Brose motors, these carbon arms will lighten your bike and add something special to your ride.

The Fazua “Evation” system is the lightest and most compact drive system in the e-bike world. So we figured the right thing to do was to make some lightweight carbon cranks for this special motor. Voila

Yamaha, a name known around the globe.   Our carbon e-cranks work on the Yamaha PW-X e-motor that uses the ISIS spindle. Elegantly shaped, lightweight, and a low Q-factor are the foundation of these carbon arms.    These are a perfect upgrade for any Giant SyncDrive Pro by Yamaha e-bikes, or any Yamaha PW-X e-motor equipped e-bike.

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