Sena Evolves the Cycling Helmet with the R1 Evo: First-of-a-Kind Communication System and Tail Lights

Sena Evolves the Cycling Helmet with the R1 Evo: First-of-a-Kind Communication System and Tail Lights

Sena Technologies (United States) - Sena Technologies, Inc., the global leader in Bluetooth® communication solutions for the Powersports and outdoor sports markets, has just released an all-new smart communications cycling helmet, the R1 EVO. The R1 EVO features Sena’s leading Mesh Intercom™ communication technology, a first for the bicycle market. Similar to its predecessor the R1, the R1 EVO is equipped with seamlessly integrated speakers and microphone and integrated Bluetooth in order to pair a smartphone. The R1 EVO takes things to the next level with simplified Mesh Intercom™ communication, highly anticipated tail lights, and all new voice commands.

Communicate with Mesh Intercom™:

The R1 EVO smart helmet features Mesh Intercom™ technology, allowing a virtually unlimited amount of riders to connect to one another and communicate from helmet to helmet. With a range of a half-mile (900 meters), you’ll be able to speak in large groups without having to ride side by side to communicate. The helmet also supports 9 channels via multi-channel open mesh, meaning you can speak to different groups across Mesh Intercom™.

Pair Your Phone for Music, Phone Calls, and More:

Users can pair a smartphone to the R1 EVO in order to listen to music, GPS directions, cues from fitness apps, or even take phone calls directly through the helmet. Thanks to Sena’s Advanced Noise Control, wind and white noise are filtered out so that crystal clear audio will be delivered on phone calls or while chatting with other R1 EVO users.

Take Control with Voice Commands:

The built-in communication system allows you to do more than just converse with friends or listen to your music. The R1 EVO accepts Voice Commands, giving you control without pressing buttons or having to navigate menus. Simply say “Hello Sena” and you’ll be able to command features like turning on the tail light, activate the FM radio, enter Mesh Intercom™, and more.

Built-In Technology for Safety and Comfort:

Thanks to the built-in speakers, the R1 EVO keeps your ears free of obstructions so you can be attentive to traffic cues even when listening to music or your fellow riders. The integrated tail light improves your visibility to others on the road and includes three different brightness settings to enhance clarity.

The R1 EVO is available in Matte Black and Matte White, in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The Sena R1 EVO Smart Helmet is now available in North America online at Sena's website for $159 USD. The R1 EVO will soon be available to the European market for 199 EUR (Incl. VAT).

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