Discover the Marosticana 2020 by Officina Battaglin

Discover the Marosticana 2020 by Officina Battaglin

Officina Battaglin (Italy) - Press Release: A classic adding style and comfort to your casual rides - now in its second edition.

“At the time, I used to live in San Luca di Marostica, a small town. Even today, there are little more than 500 residents. It was very small, with only a few people living there, and hardly anybody came to visit. The landscape, though, is a dream for any cyclist: hills at your back, you can ride flat for kilometers, and then start alternating between plains and short ascents (2km max). This is perfect to get your legs going at the start of the year. In the beginning, it’s better not to go uphill for too long, because if you do, you spend too much time with an increased pulse rate— and you’re not in that kind of shape yet. This meant we used to start with short climbs and plains, and then, as the days went by, we would turn towards Monte Grappa and the city of Asiago, to start pushing on longer climbs, up to twenty or so kilometers. That’s how we trained back then: gym and pedals. And that’s about it. We climbed into the saddle in the morning and didn’t stop until it was dark. […]
My day started in San Luca di Marostica. I left home to meet Luciano. I lived on the hills, and he lived on the plains, so we used to meet halfway. We took the road to Schio and Recoaro: it was a pretty hard workout, with two or three climbs. Then we rode to Vicenza, to Luciano’s house, and then I could go back home. By the way: at the time, I used to live at the top of a 6km climb, which was perfect to end the workout session.”

In the Veneto region in North-East of Italy, there’s a road that starts from the city of Vicenza and leads to the province of Treviso. In a span of just 79 km, this road takes you through some of the region’s most beautiful scenery with spectacular mountains, vineyard-covered hills and small villages giving you a glimpse into everyday life in Italy. And as you get closer to the town of Marostica, the world-famous medieval castle standing on a hill appears in front of you. The view is just wonderful.

This road is called Marosticana, and it’s the road that Giovanni Battaglin would take in winter to pedal back home from Vicenza, after a full day of training on his steel bike.

For Giovanni, creating the Officina Battaglin steel bike brand many years later meant going back to his roots. That’s why when the time came to give a name to the very first Officina Battaglin model, a lugged frame made from Columbus SL, he thought of those hard workouts through his home region.

And he decided to pay homage to that road he would ride every day with…

The Marosticana:

The Marosticana is a steel frame designed to give your casual rides the look and feel of the best steel bicycles from the 80s. Made from Columbus SL tubing and cast lugs, each Marosticana is built using the same process as 40 years ago, when Giovanni Battaglin launched his eponymous company.

If you’re after a retro style, you’ll be able to assemble the Marosticana with old components and recreate the timeless aesthetics loved by generations of cyclists. But if you want to enjoy the benefits of modern technology, the latest carbon wheels and groupsets will be a great fit too.

No matter what type of bike you’ll build: with a custom Marosticana you’ll experience the legendary ride quality of Italian classic steel bicycles.

At Officina Battaglin, we build each frame with one goal: to create a dream bike that fits your specific preferences while offering you an unforgettable, personalized experience.

Satisfying your curiosity for the endless possibilities of a custom build requires a lot of time and dedication. We use phone calls, email updates, photos of the building process: but such a personal approach wouldn’t be possible if we focused our efforts on producing a huge number of pieces.

That’s why we’ve decided to cap the annual production of the Marosticana to only 35 custom frames (or complete bikes).

Each frame comes with a numbered plate brazed to the top tube that authenticates its uniqueness and makes it an exclusive item to treasure forever.

When it comes to staying true to the Italian’s framebuilding tradition, nothing beats chrome lugs. If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Giovanni Battaglin’s prestigious past, the Marosticana’s shiny lugs with engraved details make it the go-to frame for an Italian dream build.

But the lugs won’t be the only things shining on your bike. For this second edition, the Marosticana comes with the one single finish that will elevate your bike to a work of art: the cromovelato, completely customizable.
You’ll be able to personalize your Marosticana frame with your favorite cromovelato colors and fuel your passion for premium bikes with the translucent effect that only Italian expert craftsmen can create for you.

Technical specifications:

  • Columbus SL tubing
  • Proprietary cast lugs manufactured in Italy
  • 1” traditional head tube
  • English bottom bracket
  • Traditional geometry


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