Éclat Centric Pedal - A New Kind of Pedal

Éclat Centric Pedal - A New Kind of Pedal

Éclat (Germany) - Press Release: This one has been in the works for a while. With many of the team enjoying the increased responsiveness and feel that a shorter crank arm offers, we looked into the possibility of also moving the pedal body closer to the bottom bracket to achieve a similar feel and advantage.

Our new Centric Pedal features an overall larger platform area which is then moved closer to the crank arm by removing the 15mm wrench flat. By doing this we are not only able to create a stronger pedal spindle, but also allow you a wider choice of foot positioning over a regular pedal. The Centric uses a narrow profile and unique shape with deeper pins making it super grippy and durable even after heavy grind wear. Already being ridden by Devon Smillie, Bruno Hoffmann, Felix Prangenberg and many of the PRO team, the Centric Pedal is dropping at bike shops worldwide very soon…

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